Emptying the Nest: Pondering it All

            Image  I was walking around in my backyard, having just potted some new flowers, when I was struck by the fact that I really, truly love springtime in Las Vegas.  The weather this time of the year is nearly perfect, with highs in the 70’s and lots of sunshine.  I always try to drink it in completely because after living here for 9 years, I know that all too soon, the 70’s will give way to the 100’s plus and the unrelenting desert summer will be on in full force. My flowers will be fried, and I will retreat to the air-conditioned sanctuary that is my home. And believe me, once it hits the 110’s, I only leave home when I HAVE to.

              But for now, it’s springtime.  There are new beginnings in nature, like the new baby birds chirping and learning to fly.  And I find it ironic that I am at the crossroad for a new beginning for me and my family as we transition through this time of my children leaving my nest to start their own journeys.  I see them just like that momma bird does, knowing that they cannot stay in the nest forever.  They are young, excited, and fully capable of flying. They need only to try.  Now they may fall and have a few rough starts, but eventually they will soar and make their way.  And for my children, just as for the new birds, life is not promised to be totally smooth or easy. But they have to learn to deal with it all, the good as well as the bad.

              And for me, I will keep watch for them. I will pray for them, listen to them, and advise them with the knowledge and wisdom that God has blessed me with. I know I laid the right foundation for them. So I watch with excitement during this time, because I remember how I was when I was their age and just starting out. I look forward to all their achievements as they progress in their college careers and eventually in their professional and personal ones.

              This emptying of the nest is a combination of a sweet sadness that I understand is part of the rhythm of life. A new beginning.  Fly well my little ones, fly well.


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